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          UVA Career Center

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          Meet with an experienced career counselor to clarify your career goals, develop an action plan, enhance your search strategy for jobs or internships, and more!

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          Counseling & Advising

          Meet with an experienced career counselor in a one-on-one session to clarify your career goals, develop an action plan, or enhance your search strategies.

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          Find UVA career resources, apply for jobs, schedule appointments, register for career events, and more!

          Making plans for the summer? There are countless health-related summer opportunities across the nation. Begin by considering these questions.


          Deciding what to do during your summer, looking for an enriching summer experience, and?want strengthen your skills/application? Consider applying to one of these summer programs!

          Tips for Talking Majors, Careers, & Bridge Years with Family

          Home for the holidays? Check out tips and advice on how to talk to your family about your career and major decisions!

          Make an Appointment

          Get tailored advice from a UVA Career Counselor! UVA Students who come to us get trustworthy guidance for each stage of their journey - whether it's figuring out what you really want to do, choosing your major, gaining work experience or prepping for that first interview.